Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The blessings!

We blessed our sweet baby girls on Sunday, June 7. We have about 50 family and friends join us for the festivities! (It sounds like a lot, but my family is almost 50 alone.... so really we have three family and friends and my family.... =) They are now just about 4 months old. They are doing wonderfully. They've doubled their birth weight! Samantha rolls all over the place (even when I'm trying to change diapers), and she wiggles around until she can use Sydney's shoulder as a step to push off of. It's quite comical. Sydney talks and talks and talks and when she gets mad she yells rather than cries. They both have smiles that light up their faces. And big brother Bryce just loves them -- "Hi Nini! Hi Manta!" he loves to say when he sees them in their bouncey chairs. Then he pats them on the head or tries to shove binkis in their mouths. So sweet! Here are some pix! Sydney is on the left and Samantha is on the right in the blessing photo and vice versa in the other one.


Brooke said...

So adorable! And yes, you're forgiven for not blogging often. You have a good excuse. Me on the other hand...!

SalGal said...

How adorable!!! Sorry we couldn't be there :(

Monica said...

Aw, they are just the cutest! We need to get together one of these days--I'm guessing you don't leave the house much, though. ;)