Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bryce's 2nd Birthday!

Wow, I was just looking back over the posts and I haven't said much in the past year. About three posts ago I was blogging about Bryce's first birthday! I guess I need to get on things! But I've got three kids under 2 years old, so I hope I'll be forgiven....
Bryce turned two this month! I can't believe it's been two years since that little (big, really) munchkin joined our lives and changed things forever! We sure love him! We celebrated his second birthday in a three day bash. Saturday was at Discovery Gateway with his cousin William (who turns two exactly five weeks after Bryce). Sunday was the official birthday and we had presents and cake. Then Monday we gave him his new tricycle (because we hadn't gotten him a helmet before Monday). But the hit of the weekend was the toy edger. They kid LOVES his lawn tools! Bryce has also been asking for "birthday cupcakes" ever since. He's allergic to eggs, so it's the first cupcakes he's ever had since Dan hunted down an egg-free cake mix (I know, a sad childhood that he'll tell his therapist all about....). So I hope you enjoy the pix, and yes, those are BYU pajamas he's wearing. Go cougs.

The blessings!

We blessed our sweet baby girls on Sunday, June 7. We have about 50 family and friends join us for the festivities! (It sounds like a lot, but my family is almost 50 alone.... so really we have three family and friends and my family.... =) They are now just about 4 months old. They are doing wonderfully. They've doubled their birth weight! Samantha rolls all over the place (even when I'm trying to change diapers), and she wiggles around until she can use Sydney's shoulder as a step to push off of. It's quite comical. Sydney talks and talks and talks and when she gets mad she yells rather than cries. They both have smiles that light up their faces. And big brother Bryce just loves them -- "Hi Nini! Hi Manta!" he loves to say when he sees them in their bouncey chairs. Then he pats them on the head or tries to shove binkis in their mouths. So sweet! Here are some pix! Sydney is on the left and Samantha is on the right in the blessing photo and vice versa in the other one.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

At long last - Our baby girls!

After 10 long weeks on full bed rest and several moments of hysteria generated by the staff of the University Hospital, we are more than pleased to announce the safe and healthy arrival of our twin baby girls! Here are the details:

Sydney Ann Thomson (in the pink) and Samantha Jane Thomson (in the purple), born Friday, February 27, 2009. Sydney was 6 lbs even and Samantha was 5 lbs 14 oz. And mom was bigger than a house before they were born..... ;) They were born almost one month early, to the day (they were due on March 28), but they both have been extremely healthy. Samantha had to spend two days in a special care nursery for lung problems but was able to join mom and sister in the room for the last two days of our hospital stay. Sydney stayed with me the whole time, and both girls came home together. And to answer the burning question: they are most definitely NOT identical. They are as fraternal as the day is long -- in genetics and personality.

A few details you might like to know:


Has dark hair and golden brown skin
Has a cry that says, "Where's my food, dang it?!"
Likes to wiggle her arms and legs as much as possible
Prefers to be awake at 12 midnight every night
Has little patience if she's given you "the cry" and you haven't fed her in the following two seconds.
Is alert and inquisitive and so darn cute.


Has dark hair, but not as dark as her sister's, and reddish brown skin
Has a cry that says, "I've been so patient, what am I doing wrong? Why haven't you fed me? I'm so sad now."
Likes to be straight as a board
Prefers to be awake at 5:00 a.m. every morning
Has a great deal of patience when her sister is demanding food for them
Is our sleeping beauty, but when she's awake, her little eyes just dart around the room trying to take it all in.
And yes, she's also so darn cute.

Thank you for all of your prayers, support, service, and love during this crazy pregnancy. It has been a profound experience for me on many levels. And please oh please, don't stop the prayers, support, service, and love now! We've got two babies and a big brother to take care of!!