Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Day He Became a Boy

Pinocchio had it all wrong. While it's nice to "prove yourself worthy" to become a real boy, all he really needed to do was get a haircut. That is the moment all baby boys turn into little boys. And on July 7th, my Baby Bryce became Big Boy Bryce with one clip of the scizzors at Great Clips.

We walked down to a nearby neighborhood shopping area at 9th & 9th and signed ourselves up for the haircut. When it was our turn, we tried to have Bryce sit on the chair by himself, but he was not willing to go under the clippers on his own. So they put a cape over me too (mine was black and had no fishies), and Bryce sat on my lap for his first real hair cut. Safely on my lap, he sat with great patience while the stylist worked her magic very quickly. He even let her run clippers across the back of his neck and his barely visable sideburns.

When it was finished, as the photo indicates, Bryce took a look, gave it a good comb, and called it good.

And when I tried to get a few more photos, he let me know what he thought of that idea.


Deborah said...

So much fun! We are still waiting for Brody's hair to grow for enough for a 'real' haircut! : )

David and Teishi Kennedy said...

I think maybe I'll never cut Amelia's hair. Then she'll never grow up, right? [Sigh...]